Attic and under Stairs Closet Plans

Space under stairs and in attic is usually not utilized as it could be.

Not frequently used things such as Christmas tree, ski board, broom, vacuum cleaner, etc. could be store in sliding closet doors under stairs or attic.

Standardized interior doors often can not fit in attic, because at opening they would hit at attic or ceiling.

Space under roof is often small, low, but desirable. Same space can be also saved with sliding closet doors, because there is no need to open the door in ordinary way.

Wire closet organizers can additionally help to organize the closet in a custom maid and functional a way.

Those small places can be also visually enlarged with mirrors or enliven with modern sliding closet door designs such as sunflowers or with strong colors.

Recently is popular minimalist trend of home furniture with almost empty places and straight linens, but stuff has to be somewhere.

Perfect solution can be done with sliding closet doors placed along the wall, which gives feeling that there is no closet full of stuff, but just wall.

Where ceiling is very low (less than 1.5 m) people can not normally stand, that place would be useless or would be difficult to use it.

Sliding closet doors (with drawers or pull out shelves) are in such cases very functional solution.

Some special attention should be given to sliding door’s tracks in ceiling, because they have to go parallel with tracks on the floor.

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